I picked up the SE the other day, so I thought I would present my first day review of the little beast.


Firstly, the mini is quick. Not just a straight line type of quick, which it is by the way. It feels more sporty than any, and I mean any other EV I have driven (I can't afford to even test drive a Taycan). To get faster acceleration, you need a model 3 at minimum, and a lot more cash. In its price range, there is nothing that comes close. The figures quoted by MINI are woefully pessimistic. Where the mini excels is handling. The engineers at MINI have been blasted for putting in such a small battery, however the result of this small battery is exquisite handling. Coupled with Good Year Eagle F1 low profile tyres, the MINI eats corners for breakfast. It is a real blast to drive.


With my first day experimentation (read highly un-economical driving), I still returned 14.7kWh/100k. When I calm down I'll have another go, but readings of around 12.8 on the freeway (90kph limit) look promising. This should mean the mini has an easy 200km range, including a fair amount of spirited driving. Not enough I hear you say - well I don't do more than 200k very often, especially in town, and I will take the driving dynamics over range every day.


The mini exudes quality inside, although some may consider it dated next to the millennial single screen layout of several other manufacturers. The front two seats are very comfortable with ample support around the corners (which you really need). The back two seats are, well, small. You can fit bigger people in them, but the front two seats have to move forward. Overall, it is a very comfortable and friendly place to be.


What can you say. Short of a Taycan (again), got to be the best looking EV out there. Subjective I know, but I believe it. If you want, it can look very similar to the ICE model, so if you don't want to shout "EV" you can. There are no gaps in panels, or mismatched paint - as you would expect.


Its a mini. If you wanted a boot, why would you buy one :) Seriously though, it holds more than you would think, but it is not cavernous by even the most optimistic interpretation. I think I would call it big enough. No Frunk.


This is what EVs should be like. Nobody who drives one of these won't have a smile at the end of their drive. They have ample range for their intended use, are very comfortable inside - for the front two at least, and look great inside and out. Even in the most expensive, top level trim (that is all that came to Oz) they are still thereabouts with the competition like the leaf, ioniq and kona. Give one a go, and you'll end up taking it home :)

PS. if anyone has any questions about it - go to the AEVA forum and fire away!