The Australian Electric Vehicle Association is now an affiliate member of Motorsports Australia (MA) the governing body responsible for all four-wheeled Australian motorsport.

Formerly known as CAMS (Confederation of Australian Motor Sport), MA oversees and officiates all car racing conducted on racetracks or on public roads in the case of rally and hillclimb events.

Growing interest in electric car racing has led to Motorsport Australia developing a set of guidelines and proceedures for electric vehicle racing at Australian competitions. By being an affiliate member of Motorsport Australia, AEVA members can take advantage of day licensing, access to club management resoruces and public liabiity insurance coverage for events run by MA.

EV racers may take advantage of this relationship through the extensive network of car racing clubs around Australia, as well as access to club development resoruces, which includes trackside equipment specific to EV racing.

A detailed brochure form Motorsport Australia is linked here.